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German Immigrant Ancestors
in Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York

Philip Eckel monument, c. 1900

The Philip Eckel Monument, erected on Syracuse's predominantly German-American North Side in 1900, was the rallying point for the massive annual parades of "German Day," 1908-1911.


Not many people think of Onondaga County, New York when they think of German immigrants arriving at the port towns of the United States and fanning out across the country's interior. More notoriously "German" hubs along the migration trails come to mind: New York City, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and Milwaukee, to name just a few. Yet a significant and flourishing community of German-speaking immigrants did exist in Onondaga County almost from the days of its earliest white settlers. Those searching for German (or German-speaking) ancestors in America should not overlook the possibility that their people ended up or spent some time here.

This website reflects my genealogical and personal interest in my own German ancestors who settled in Onondaga County in 1883 and 1904, and my general interest in the history of Syracuse and environs--with particular emphasis on the German immigrant and German-American communities during the years 1825 to 1945. And just as in the American mind these immigrants were grouped according to their language rather than by their nationality, this website too includes information on German-speaking immigrants from Austria, Switzerland, Alsace-Lorraine, present-day Poland, etc.

My website is under construction and updated continually. Please bookmark this site and visit again. I intend to upload more information helpful to others researching their own German-speaking immigrant ancestors in this area of New York State.

Much as I would like it, I unfortunately do NOT live near New York State and cannot do your research for you--and I am regretably NOT fluent in German, either. So if you don't already see what you are looking for here, I probably can't help you with it. Visit the Onondaga County GENWEB site as the best starting place, or see my Links page for additional ideas.

Ich hoffe, ich kann Dir auch mal einen Stein in den Garten werfen!

--Michelle Stone

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Geschichte der Deutschen in Syracuse und Onondaga County
The History of the German People in Syracuse and Onondaga County

This German-language book, published by the Syracuse Union (a German-language newspaper) in 1897, contains much information concerning the history of German emigration and the establishment of the German community in Syracuse and Onondaga County, including biographical sketches of prominent Germans. Click on the title above to see my transcriptions in German, and some English translations.


Timeline of Syracuse History, 1654-1945

(also contains selected events in German and U.S. history
and immigration and naturalization law)

Erie Canal circa 1907, Syracuse, New York
Erie Canal in Syracuse, circa 1907
Postcard from the Nellie Roberts Kreischer LaClair collection

See also postcards from Michelle's
"Views of Syracuse Through Four Generations" collection

German Research Sources in Onondaga County

Onondaga County Naturalizations

German churches

Cemeteries (with German connections)

The Syracuse Turn-Verein (German athletic association)

The Syracuse Harugari (D.O.H.)

German-language newspapers



German music and musicians

German passports

General information on German/U.S./Immigration information

What part of Germany did your surname come from?
Internal Dialectical Clues in German Surnames

"No parade that has ever been given in this city excited more interest than that of the German pioneers...."

The Pioneers Celebrate Their Coming to America

1892 newspaper article including lists of German immigrants
on their gala day in Syracuse

Other Old Newspaper Articles
1860 - 1922

German Businessmen in Syracuse, 1860 and 1874

"Friedensfest: Syracuse's 1871 German-American Peace Festival"
by Daniel Koch

Syracusans (not just Germans) arriving at Ellis Island, New York, 1892-1924

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Surnames of my people in Syracuse and Onondaga County:

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OKTOBERFEST in Syracuse: 2004 photos; 2011 photos

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My research and this website
are dedicated to honor
the achievements and the memories
of all of our immigrant ancestors
who, with individual courage and foresight,
left behind familiarity, the Mother tongue, and the Fatherland
to embrace adventure and
make a better life
for themselves and their posterity--
and especially to those among them
(and their descendants)
who worked so hard
to keep the family ties strong,
across an ocean or across the generations.

Ellis Island, New York City, c. 1900

Literary scraps from Michelle's genealogy notebook

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