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German Immigrant Ancestors
in Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York

Postcards from the
Elleanor "Nellie" Roberts Kreischer LaClair collection
circa 1907-1920's

Carl and Nellie Kreischer and their children
Carl and Nellie Kreischer and their children; photo taken circa 1911

Elleanor Mary "Nellie" Roberts (1882-1952) was my great-grandmother. She was born and grew up in Watertown, Jefferson County, New York, the sixth of seven children born to Lewis Humphrey Roberts and Ellen A. Roberts (same maiden name, no prior relation). On 18 January 1904 in Watertown she was married to Carl Kreischer, oldest son of Johann Jacob and Katharina Gilcher Kreischer of North Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York. Over the next 15 years or so Nellie saved some of the penny postcards her friends and relations mailed to her, her husband, and her young children as they lived or visited in Watertown, Buffalo, and North Syracuse, New York. This collection of postcards has been given to me and I am pleased to be able to share these historical artifacts with others. I have been able to date the postcards from the postmarks and/or the addresses.

Below on this page are the few specifically Syracuse- and Onondaga County-related postcards from Nellie's collection, along with links to more non-Onondaga postcards on other pages. Enjoy!

Place Postcards:

Nellie's postcards from Onondaga County, New York [6 cards]
Nellie's postcards from Jefferson County, New York (Watertown, Sackets Harbor, Madison Barracks, Theresa) [13 cards]
Nellie's postcards from Buffalo, New York [11 cards]
Nellie's postcards from The Thousand Islands and the Adirondacks, New York [10 cards]
Nellie's postcards from elsewhere in New York State [16 cards]

Holiday Postcards:

Nellie's New Year's postcards [6 cards]
Nellie's Valentine's Day postcards [5 cards]
Nellie's Shamrock and St. Patrick's Day postcards [7 cards]
Nellie's Christmas postcards [28 cards]
Nellie's Easter postcards [14 cards]

Onondaga County Postcards

Erie Canal circa 1907, Syracuse, New York
Erie Canal in Syracuse, circa 1907

Carriage Entrance, New York State Fair
Carriage Entrance, New York State Fair, Syracuse, circa 1909
American Publicity Co., P. O. Box 561, Syracuse, N. Y.

Syracuse pennant postcard
Souvenir of Syracuse, circa 1912

Princess Victoria: The Miniature 
Madam melba
Princess Victoria: The Miniature Madam Melba
seen by Nellie Kreischer at the Syracuse Fair,
8 September 1912
"World's smallest Little Lady.
Born at Melbourne, Australia, August 3rd 1888.
Age 23 Years. Weight 19-3/4 Lbs, Height 25-1/2 Inches,
The smallest entertainer the world has ever known."
Tuck's Post Card, Specially produced for the
Chas. M. Abrahams Attractions; Processed in Saxony.

Onondaga Sanitarium
"Onondaga Sanitorium, Hopper's Glen, Syracuse, N.Y." circa 1920

Fayette Park, Syracuse circa 1920
Fayette Park, Syracuse, circa 1920

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