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German Immigrant Ancestors
in Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York

Surnames - S

Sender: Roger Dahlin
Email: Roger@Dahlin.com
Date: 17 January 2021

My great-grandfather, John Spaeth, was a member of the German Pioneers Association; he rode in the 1852 wagon during the 1892 parade. I would like to exchange photos and documentation if anyone is interested. See "Old St. Joseph's Cemetery: A Dahlin/Spaeth Family Perspective" by Roger Dahlin for more information.

Sender: Hermann Kühn
Email: cmhpok@arcor.de
Date: 2 June 2011

Gerade habe ich im deutschen wikipedia eine Seite zu Max Landsberg erstellt.
mit vielen Verweisen auf die englische Ausgabe.

Bei der Suche nach den Kindern bin ich bei Benjamin Stolz auf Deinen Eintrag gekommen
Benjamin Stolz biography

Außer dem Geburtsdatum und dem Bild gibt es nicht viel Informationen.
Es wird z.B. nicht seine Heirat mit Rose Landsberg (* 7.9.1874 in Rochester, N.Y.; + 30.11. oder 1.dez. 1955 ) am 26.12.1898 genannt.

Hast Du an einem Austausch von Daten Interesse?

In English: Benjamin Stolz married Rose Landsberg (born 7 Sept. 1874, Rochester, NY; died 30 November or 1 December 1955) on 26 December 1898. Please contact if you would like to exchange data.

See also Who's who in American Jewry, Vol. 3, page 1049, entries about Benjamin Stolz, his wife, Rose Landsberg, and their son Max Landsberg Stolz, born in Syracuse and a lawyer as well.

And see also Bernard G. Rudolph: From a Minyan to a Community: a history of the Jews of Syracuse, Syracuse University, 1970, page 119ff. In this book it states that Benjamin Stolz was the Democratic candidate for the 1926 New York state election for attorney general
and on page 119 you will find the parents of Benjamin Stolz: David and Regina and the statment that Benjamin had two brothers and sisters.

Sender: Robert Bond
Email: rtbond007@embarqmail.com
Date: 24 October 2008

I'm a descendant of one of the original Syracuse North Side German families and would like to hear from anyone who knows more about my lines. The immigrants were Ludwig FLUM and his wife, Madelaine KAISER, who arrived in 1855....

See more info on the "F" page under FLUM.

Sender: Jeanne Seifert Malich
Email: jmalich@yahoo.com
Date: 11 September 2007
Surnames: SEIFERT

Searching for info and records concerning the Lowell Avenue Baptist Church (Syracuse) and the SEIFERT family.

Sender: Robert Tallieu
Email: rtallieu@twmi.rr.com
Date: 28 August 2007

I just want to thank you for the information you posted on St. Joseph's Cemetery. One of my ancestors, Dorothea HENN-SNYDER (SCHNEIDER) and her husband Charles were buried there.

Your site is fascinating and it answers a big question as to why my HENN ancestors came from Baden to the Syracuse area ----Salt. My great grandfather, John HENN, his parents and siblings came in October of 1853. John was a cooper and the family eventually settled in West Monroe. After service in the Civil War, he came to Michigan and started a barrel-making business in Lapeer County and shipped the black ash staves back to Syracuse. He eventually became a farmer and then went into local politics. He died in 1919 and is buried in Lapeer County, MI. His siblings all remained in New York.

I also found another sister of John's that was buried in St. Joseph's.

The HENNs came from Doerlesberg which is just southeast of Wertheim. There were nine children in the Franz HENN family and all except John stayed in New York (Onondaga, Oswego, Oneida and Madison Counties). I am tracking the last daughter, Josephine, and find her living in West Monroe in 1865 and cannot locate her after that.

Dorothea (Dorothy) HENN married Charles SCHNEIDER (SNYDER) in 1856 and lived her remaining years in Syracuse. Her sister, Generosa (Rosa) HENN, married Henry STRAUSS between 1860-70. They also lived out their lives in Syracuse. I found Henry STRAUSS as a plot owner in St. Joseph's Cemetery thanks to your site.

Sender: J. Pure
Email: jpure1@yahoo.com
Date: 25 February 2007
Surnames: SAXER

Thank you so much for translating the entry on Leonard A. Saxer.

The following is as much as I have been able to find.

Leonard A.'s father, who was also named Leonard and also a physician, was Swiss, but I do not have any details. Leonard A.'s stepfather, Dr. Frederick Glauner, was from Germany, may have been a widower, and, seems to have been killed in a railroad accident (although I can not locate any additional information) within a year of his marriage to Leonard A.'s widowed mother. (Source: an on-line copy of a centennial history of Syracuse)

Leonard A.'s mother, Mary, graduated from Syracuse University Medical School with her M.D. only several years before her son. (Source: an alumni publication found on-line).

Leonard A.'s sister, Arabella (?), married a dentist, Rudolf Listman [later spelled Lissmann ?] from Germany, and they had at least two sons. She died in 1895. (Source: census records)

My interest is really in Leonard A.'s mother (I think that she was born in New York in the 1830s, but there are no leads to her parents, her siblings (if any), or her death), and her daughter. If you have any ideas, I would appreciate your help.

Sender: Dolores
Email: wildewinde@yahoo.com
Date: 12 December 2006
Surnames: SCHREINER; Harugari, Arion Club

Just writing to let you know how much I enjoyed your website. I too love to see our German ancestry kept alive. My grandfather was the Treasurer for the Harugari in Syracuse many years ago. His name was August SCHREINER (son of Jakob SCHREINER).... Our family still retains the official stamp of the Harugari in Syracuse, as it was passed down from my grandfather. It is quite interesting; it is a cast-iron lion's head stamp, with the stamp reading "Deutsch Wache Loge." It also has Syracuse on it and the lodge number, if I remember correctly.

We also still have a few of the plates used at the Harugari dinners. The plates are simple white with 2 thin blue bands that lead to three leaves enscribed with "D O H" (one letter per leaf), and the words "liebe," "nität," "Huma," and "Freundschoff." The leaves look like oak leaves. The china plates were made by O.P.C.O Syracuse China. design J-9.

My grandfather was an immigrant from Germany arriving here around 1914 from the Black Forest region. My great-grandparents also all came from Germany in the 1860's. There was also another German Society Club in Syracuse called the Arion. I am not sure if it is still in existance or not. I know it was around at least between the 1950's and 60's as we used to go there....Regarding the Arion, I don't think I have anything on it, except for The Program from their 72nd Anniversary Concert, from May of 1968 performed at Grant Junior High School. The program though is somewhat interesting, because it has ads in it naming the various German organizations in the Syracuse area. It may seem odd to have something so old, but it was a concert I went to to watch my grandfather sing at, so I kept it. ... [We are] trying to retain the traditions so they are not lost from our family....as it was my grandfather's wish that "We Never Forget The Homeland."

Sender: Claudine Schreckenberger
Email: Tschreckenberger@msn.com
Date: 21 November 2006

I am born in Alsace (Roeschwoog) maiden name of Kocher. However I married an American who is also a descendant of Roeschwoog folks. His last name is Schreckenberger. I met him when he was visiting his great uncle and family in Roeschwoog. The family settled in Buffalo, New York, with half of the Schreckenberger children and the others remained living near Roeschwoog. A sister of my husband (born Schreckenberger) is married and lives in Syracuse for the past 25 years.

I am always very interested in hearing and reading stories of immigrants from my home in Alsace.

Sender: Judy Schlosser
Email: ruddyduck@comcast.net
Date: 8 December 2005

My great-great-grandfather, Charles Schlosser, was the one who donated the land for the park where the Sniper monument is. He had a wagon or carriage making business nearby at the corner of Laurel and North State Street. Charles came to Syracuse in 1850 and died there. He had a son named Charles H., sons George Louis and John P., and a son Jacob who moved to Waterford, Pennsylvania.

I just noticed your list of businesses and Schlosser and Sons is not listed as Wagonworks or Blacksmiths. Bldg is still there at 602-606 N. State st. Judy Schlosser
New/current email address: judyfengshui@gmail.com

Sender: Peter Stohrer
Email: pstohrer@comcast.net
Date: 12 December 2004

In German the name Stohrer means “treestump.” The Stohrer family which currently resides in Concord, New Hampshire came from the town of Hohenstaufen, province of Wurttemberg, Germany. My current research dates the direct family line back to 1680. Johannes (born 4 March 1794) and Anna Friederike (Blessing) (born 9 August 1797) STOHRER left Hohenstaufen and emigrated to America in 1851 and by the 1860 census had settled in Syracuse, NY. They had three children, Friederike (daughter), Johann Georg, and Philipp Ulrich STOHRER.

Philipp Ulrich STOHRER (born 12 July 1838) was 13 when he arrived in America (1851) and his son, John Frederick, would be the first Stohrer from this line to be born in the U.S. (he began the Concord, NH line).

Philipp Ulrich Stohrer married Mary Hesseler sometime before 1860. Their children were: Emanuel, John Frederick, and Andrew Mary. His wife Mary died, I believe, in the 1870's or 80's and Phillip remarried. The 1900 Syracuse census indicates his wife's name was Anna M., also from Germany. A note in the family history says she too may have been a Hesseler but I think her maiden name may have been Stohrer also. Any suggestions of where I could check?

Sender: Pete Pierce
Email: pete.genealogy@sbcglobal.net
Date: 27 October 2004
Surname: SIMON and others

Here's a list of fully and partially identified people in a family photo album just received:

Buschle, Gabriel & bride, worked for John Charles Simon

Clasen, William - worked in John Charles Simon's shoe store

Flum, Edward Charles - Assumption Catholic Church 1st Communion
Flum, Robert A - Assumption Catholic Church 1st Communion

Klosheim, Lulu - Luthern Church Confirmation
Klosheim, Lulu & brother Herbert - about 1886
Klosheim, Lulu Augusta - about 1885, 2 yrs old

Klump, Christopher's dau - Dora, Katherine (married Kabel), Flora

Poehlman, Catherine - Mrs. Charles Simon
Poehlman, George - son of Karl - 1893

Seemiller, Caroline Elizabeth, Mrs. John Charles Simon
Seemiller, Emma - Assumption Catholic Church 1st Communion
Seemiller, Emma
Seemiller, Louise (m. Klosheim, m. Begley)
Seemiller, Margaret Bertha

Simon, Caroline Seemiller, Mrs. John Charles Simon poss 1887 Wedding
Simon, Caroline Seemiller, Mrs. John Charles Simon
Simon, Carrie - Mrs. Michael J Kingsley
Simon, Charles - 1
Simon, Charles - 32nd degree Mason in his regalia
Simon, Charles J - wedding abt 1886
Simon, Charles J
Simon, Estella Anna - 1900, two years old
Simon, Estella Anna
Simon, Estella left & Myrtle right - 2
Simon, Estella left & Myrtle right
Simon, Florence - likely 1885
Simon, Florence - Mrs. Howard A Kenefick
Simon, Frederick Louis - about 1886
Simon, John Charles, poss 1887 wedding 2
Simon, John Charles
Simon, Julia Anna - Mrs. Henry C Everding
Simon, Mr & Mrs - poss John Charles
Simon, Myrtle Marguerite

Timmerman, Joseph Charles Simon - abt 1893, two years old

Zimmerman, Lena - Magdelena
Zimmerman, Mary - Mrs. John Charles Simon - small photo
Zimmerman, Mary - Mrs. John Charles Simon

surname unknown, Amelia - housekeeper for John Charles & Carrie Simon
surname unknown, Madaline - Mrs. Charles J. Simon abt 1886

unknown - Simon family album 1 - from Buffalo, 1 by 2
unknown - Simon Family album 12 - Age 21 years on back
unknown - Simon Family album 14 - next to Florence Simon, Mrs. Kenefick
unknown - Simon family album 2 - from Buffalo, 2 by 1
unknown - Simon family album 3 - from Buffalo, 3 by 4
unknown - Simon family album 4 - from Buffalo, 4 by 3

Sender: Bruce Barnes
Email: Bruce_Barnes@elementk.com
Date: 7 September 2004

I would appreciate any information about John Seidemann (born Germany circa 1859), a cabinet maker, who was living with his wife Joan in Syracuse in 1920. Joan was still living in Syracuse in 1930, but was a widow at that time.

Sender: Kelly Michaels Schaff
Email: kschaff@twcny.rr.com
Date: 28 October 2003

I have ALL German/Prussian ancestors on my father's side; and on his mother's side, the Wirth's; they always lived on Townsend Street. I think my Engelhardt's did too. Because gr gram Engelhardt married gr grandfather Wirth! I also had Swab's and Schneider's and I believe they also lived on the North side. Prussian records are so hard to find! I am totally stuck on my father's grandparents; on his fathers side: Micha/Michel/Michael/Michaels -and Woldt, which I have found more on! Not sure what our last name 'really' was! But my maiden name is Michaels; but I believe gr grandfather Gustav changed it!

Sender: Cleo Hogan
Email: cdmhogan@usit.net
Date: 29 September 2003

Charles BANKEY/BEHNKE (1819 Mecklenburg, Prussia--1896 NY City), but lived in Syracuse earlier. [Some BANKEYS bur at White Chapel Mem Gardens.] Charles Bankey's wife was:

Caroline G. M. STUDIER (1827 Mecklenburg, Prussia--1892 Cicero, NY), had brother William STUDIER (b. ca 1830); her parents were: Karl Frederick STUDIER & Caroline ___________.

Oscar Eugene CARTHEUSER, hatter, wife Amelia _____, lived 1873 Richmond, VA, later moved to NY City; children Clara Belle (1873VA-1946 Dewitt, NY); Amelia; George, Oscar; Eugene, all may have been single except Clara.

Sender: Thorsten Buhl
Email: Thorsten.Buhl@t-online.de
Date: 17 September 2003

I am currently researching all these surnames listed above, all families from Renquishausen, Oberamt Tuttlingen, Baden-Wuerttemberg, where I live. There are more than 10 families who emigrated from our village to Syracuse. I would like to hear from anyone who may help in searching.

Sender: Joe Hamelin
Email: jhamelin@earthlink.net
Date: 8 March 2003

Melchior Seeburger (1830-1903) and sons Fidelius (1868-1936) and Joseph (1875-1951) came to Syracuse from Renquishausen in Wuerttemburg, Germany, in 1881 (aged 51, 13 and 6). They lived on Hier Street and were members of Holy Trinity Church. Joseph was my mother's father.

PS: great site!

Sender: Bill Moore
Email: wbmoore@gremlan.org
Date: 9 January 2003

I love your website! Found 4 relatives on one page of your translation of the Deutschen in Syracuse!

Sender: Jeff Wurstner
Email: jeffrey1957@cox.net
Date: 16 December 2002

My g-g grandparents:

Edward William SOLDAN, b. 29 Apr 1855 Buffalo, Erie, NY d. 6 Mar 1924 Oradell, Bergen, NJ

Mary Elizabeth ACKERMAN, b. 1 Mar 1858 Syracuse, Onondaga, NY d. 12 Apr 1943 Oradell, Bergen, NJ (317 Grove Street)
Mary Elizabeth SOLDAN, b. 11 June 1878 Brooklyn, Kings, NY d. New York, New York, New York

Howard C. SOLDAN, b. 11 Dec 1881 d. 16 Dec 1950 Oradell, Bergen, NJ (317 Grove Street)

Edna W. SOLDAN, b. 29 May 1884 NY

Sender: Sharon Kinnaird
Email: Kinnairds57@aol.com
Date: 4 December 2002

Hi, I wrote you awhile back regarding my Hooge ancestors from Syracuse, NY., originally from Germany. At the time I had no information at all on Ferdinand Hooges first wife. Just yesterday I found the death notice on his son and it listed his mothers maiden name. This is the only clue I have on Ferdinands first wife. Her maiden name is listed as Schlee and it says she is from Germany. I have listed the spelling as it was shown but believe that it might actually be spelled differently. I also have a copy of the obituary for Ferdinand and his wife Mary if anyone might be interested. Thanks, Sharon

Sender: Norman C. Staub, Sr.
Email: normanssr@att.net
Date: 15 November 2002

...We found some interesting material [on an October research trip to Syracuse] about some of my great aunts and uncles. In Assumption Cemetery, I found the grave site of my great aunt Gertrud Staub (born 1842), who married a George Weinheimer. I knew her married name was Weinheimer from a Testamentary letter, dated 1886, in the Surrogate Court in the Onondaga County courthouse. They have a lot of good stuff and well indexed....[In the Geschichte der Deutsche in Syracuse und Onondaga County book at the Onondaga County Public Library] I did find a picture of Heinrich Weinheimer, who was the patriarch of the Weinheimer family into which Gertrud Staub married in 1864/5.

Sender: Daniel Smothergill
Email: dsmothe1@twcny.rr.com
Date: 24 August 2002

The family of Friedrich HUMBERT and Eva Maria LUX came to Syracuse around 1850. Both were from Hatten, Bas Rhin, Alsace. Friedrich himself does not appear to have come to America. He died in Alsace in 1841. But his wife Eva did come. A family Bible says she died in Syracuse in 1851, shortly after arriving.

We know that five of the Humberts' children lived in Syracuse. Friedrich Humbert, the eldest, was born in 1824 in Hatten and died on 9 Jul 1895 at 707 University Avenue, Syracuse. Syracuse City Directories from 1862 - 1868 list him as a cabinet maker with a shop at 64 N. Salina St. His home was at 108 Butternut. According to a newspaper clipping at the Onondaga Historical Association, Frederick Humbert and his wife Mary bought the house in 1853. Buying the house was connected in some way to the German Community of Emmigrants Friends Society. Friedrich first belonged to St. John's Lutheran Church and later joined Park Central downtown. His wife, Maria Elizabeth Bormann, was born in 1832 in Hanover (Prussia) and died 13 Jul 1909 in Syracuse. They were married 22 January 1852 at St. John's Lutheran Church in Syracuse. Between 1852 and 1873 they had 9 children, some of whom resided in Syracuse all their lives.

A second child of Friedrich and Eva Maria Humbert in Syracuse was Salome Humbert. She married Phillip OSSWALD at St. John's Lutheran on 25 Jan 1852. He was from Hessen, Darmstadt. Salome died in Syracuse on 27 Feb 1868.

A third child, Dorothea Humbert, married Phillip SCHILLY at St. John's Lutheran on 8 Jan 1854. She died 3 Oct 1899.

A fourth child, Magdalena Humbert, married Wilhelm Friedrich SCHWILK on 29 Apr 1856 in Syracuse. She was born in Hatten in 1835 and died in Schenctady, NY on 23 Feb 1907. Schwilk was Pastor of the 3rd Evangelical Protestant Dutch Church in Schenectady at the time they married and later formed his own church known as the Temple Gemeinde. He died in Schenectady on 30 Dec 1906.

A fifth child, Maria Eva Humbert, also in Syracuse married a man named GEMMER.

A footnote to this story has to do with my wife Nancy Laubengayer Smothergill. Nancy is the great granddaughter of Magdelena Humbert and Reverend Wilhelm Schwilk. Although Nancy was born and raised in Ithaca, NY, not far from Syracuse, and we actually have lived in Syracuse since 1967, she knew nothing about the Humberts of Syracuse until just a few years ago.

Sender: R. Fritz
Email: Ronlfritz@aol.com
Date: 19 August 2002

My g g grandfather was Jakob Sprenger born in Leinsweiler Bavaria in Dec 1836 his parents were Henry Peter Sprenger and Barbara Kimmler. He died in Erie County NY (Lancaster) in about 1902. His obituary states that he had a brother and a sister living in Syracuse NY. I was wondering if that might be a familiar surname to you. Thank you.

Sender: Patrick J Sauter
Email: patrickj@twcny.rr.com
Date: 5 August 2002
Surname: SAUTER

My great, great, grandfather Frederick Jacob Sauter came to Syracuse from somewhere in Bavaria with his brother, Lewis, somewhere around 1852. They had a painting business in Syracuse until Lewis died in 1876. F.J. died in 1892. What information I have so far can be found at http://www.pjsdesigns.com/sauter/.

Sender: Richard Westrup
Email: richard8886@yahoo.com
Date: 30 July 2002

Our gggrandfather Martin Schroeder born 1835 in Germany-??? Don't know where. Married Helen Gireaux. Had three children: Louis, Agnes and Ida. Ida married a Mr. Boyle. Martin served in the Civil War and was somewhat active in one of the veterans' organizations. His wife died in 1886 and he died in 1887 due to an accident. He was a laborer. We believe he was a farmer in 1870. He might have been unable to read or write. Any additional information would be appreciated.

Sender: Pete Pierce
Email: pete.genealogy@sbcglobal.net
Date: 21 July 2002
Surname: SIMON

First, thank you for putting "Geschichte der Deutschen..." on line. Carl Simon, listed in the Biography and Pioneer sections, is my g-g-grandfather.

I have his immigrant record, along with that of his parents and siblings. I have his biography from "Onondaga's Centennial", by Dwight H. Bruce. I have a full length photo of him in full fraternal regalia. I also have a lot of his descendants.

He used the name of Charles from about 1849 for the rest of his life. The only place that I have seen him called Carl is in "Geschichte der Deutschen..." and on his immigrant record....

Sender: Sarah Lange
Email: sarahlange@charter.net
Date: 15 April 2002; email address updated 30 March 2010

My grandfathter from Danzig, Germany came to Syracuse in the 1880's. He was a sailor and I have several papers of trips that he made back and forth to Europe. Is there anything in Syracuse in regards to "sailors" -- organizations, records, etc? I've looked quite a few years and have found nothing in this regard. He was only in Syracuse from about 1882 to 1897. Name: Johann Schwohl -- married Isabella Hillenbrand -- had three daughters in Syracuse then moved to Detroit where my mother was born. He worked at Solvay Process in Detroit after working there in Syracuse. Would appreciate any information on "sailors." Thanks!

Sender: Peter Faesch Schaefer
Email: Psch9999@aol.com
Date: 5 April 2002

My great grandfather was named Johannes Schaefer. He was a Lutheran pastor who ended up as the pastor of the Lutheran church in Homer, NY. He died around 1935.

His history is that he left the area of Stuttgart and emigrated to Brazil to minister to the Germans there. Thence to Wisconsin or Minnesota and finally upstate NY. I have the complete records if they would be useful (wife's name etc.). He and most of his children are buried in the main cemetery of Homer. I believe he had five kids, the youngest being Herbert William Schaefer, my grandfather. Howard was the oldest. Then there was Michele and Elizabeth. And I think one other child. Both males attended SU as did I.

Sender: LKapphahn@aol.com
Email: LKapphahn@aol.com
Date: 11 December 2001
Surname: SAUER, etc.

Abelein, Martin date of immigration 6/15/1883. Crailsheim, Germany- St. Paul's Evangelical German Lutheran 108 Grace St.

Berger, Peter 1879
Einsiedel, Catherina 1883
Sauer, Samuel(Alfonso) 1875
Hausmann, Margareta 1883

Sender: Gretchen Naticchia
Email: gretchen.maticchia@worldnet.att.net
Date: 8 September 2001
Surname: SAHL

I have learned that some SAHLs settled in Ithaca and Oneida, NY. They were German and came from Baden or Strasbourg. They would be siblings of my ancestor William Matthew SAHL (1862-1917), who unlike his siblings did not settle in New York but moved on to Iowa, Nebraska, and finally Colorado. Several Sahl descendents have recently found each other and we had a small reunion here in California. We are very interested in learning more about the SAHLs in New York. Can you help us?

Sender: Suzanne M. Kubacki
Email: rjstudio@dreamscape.com
Date: 7 September 2001

Many of my family lived/lives in Onondaga County, Oswego County. Lots of them "bounced" between the two.

My side: Hoefler, Moon, Pennock, Pringle, Torbit, Brimm, Eucher, Steinbach/Steinbacher, Minikheim/Menikheim, Allen

Husband's side: Kubacki and Austin

Sender: Sandy Allen
Email: updated Sept. 2010: sandal1963@frontiernet.net
Date: 29 August 2001

My lines are:

STRADER (immigrated from Canada to Syracuse 1870) maternal line, not sure how many Straders settled in Syracuse, more were up in the Watertown area. Descendants of Revolutionary Loyalists living prior to the war in the Mohawk Valley.

SINGER/SENGER (immigrated from Germany to Syracuse circa 1850 - current) stone mason and blacksmith.

SCHWARTZ/SWARTZ/SCHWARZ/SHWARTZ/SWARTHES (immigrated from Germany to Syracuse 1852)

Sender: Eric Schultz
Email: eric.schultz@iname.com
Date: 19 August 2001

See Descendants of F. Christian Heller