German Immigrant Ancestors
in Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York

GILCHERS from Oberalben to Rathsweiler to Syracuse

(Soundex code: G426)

The Excel graphic charts below appear courtesy of Friedrich H. Hüttenberger, with permission.
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49°36'N Latitude, 7°28'E Longitude
NE of Kusel, SW of Lauterecken,
NW of Kaiserslautern
in Rheinland-Pfalz (Kreis Kusel)
Postal zip code: 66887
Area: 425 hectares
Altitude: 248m / 813 feet
Today's population: 178

Meine stadt Rathsweiler:

The presentation below summarizes information collected and combined by Friedrich F. Hüttenberger (German information) and Michelle Stone (U.S. information). As with all genealogy, it is never complete, and we welcome corrections and new information. The numbering system used here by Herr Hüttenberger begins with the first child [1.] of the original ancestor (Hans Nickel Guelcher) and shows each descending generation added to the right of the decimal, each number segment between decimals denoting the birth order of that person in his family of origin (for example, 1.4.6 would refer to the individual who is the sixth child of a parent who was the fourth child of Hans Nickel Guelcher's oldest child).

There are no descendants of this branch of Gilchers living in Rathsweiler today. But there are Gilchers of this Rathsweiler branch still living today in the Syracuse/Onondaga County area.

To see if there is additional information available online for any of these people, try entering the name in the search engine for this website, visit the Onondaga County Genweb Message Board to see if an obituary or other public document has been submitted, and don't forget to try a search on Google and/or the German version of Alta Vista.

--Michelle Stone


CHART 1: From Hans Nickel Guelcher, Jr. of Wahnwegen to Johann Niclas Guelcher [1.5] of Oberalben:
(See chart on Friedrich H. Hüttenberger's site showing Hans Nickel Guelcher Jr.'s father and grandfather)

Hans Nickel Guelcher & 17th century descendants

CHART 1.5: From Johann Niclas Guelcher [1.5] of Oberalben to J. Abraham Guelcher [] of Oberalben:

Rathsweiler/Syracuse Gilchers

CHART From Abraham Gilcher [] of Rathsweiler to his children in Syracuse (C/Katharina, Jacob, and Carl) and their descendants:

Rathsweiler/Syracuse Gilchers


[], farmer, joiner, cabinetmaker,
son of Johann Peter GILCHER/GÜLCHER (son of Abraham and Maria Catharina GILCHER from Rathsweiler)
and Luisa GRILL (daughter of Abraham GRILL from Ulmet)
born 16 May 1822 at Rathsweiler
died 18 April 1893 at Rathsweiler

daughter of Reinhold HÄSEL and Maria Elisabetha KOHL
born 29 January 1823 or 1833
who were married 5 March 1846 in Rathsweiler/Ulmet

Their seven children (and their known descendants),
including three children (Katharina, Jacob, and Carl/Charles)
who emigrated to Syracuse (in red):

[] - ABRAHAM GILCHER born 20 Mar. 1846, died 6 Oct. 1915; married 1 May 1873 in Rathsweiler to MARIA MAYER, b. 17 July 1845

[] - PHILIPP GILCHER born 29 Jan. 1849 in Rathsweiler, died (a bachelor) 27 Feb. 1873 in Rathsweiler

[] - [O.? OTTO?] PETER GILCHER born 17 Jan. 1851 in Rathsweiler, died (after Jan. 1926?); stayed in Germany(?) (obituary of brother Jacob)

[] - LOUISA GILCHER born 29 Oct. 1853 in Rathsweiler, died 29 July 1856 in Rathsweiler

[] - CATHARINA / KATHARINA / KATHERINE GILCHER born 30 May 1856 in Rathsweiler, died 29 Nov. 1923 in Syracuse; mar. 14 June 1883 in Syracuse, NY, JOHANN JACOB KREISCHER, b. 5 July 1849 in Kirrweiler, Pfalz, d. 26 Aug. 1915 in Syracuse; both immigrated with baby Carl 30 May-8/9 June 1883 on the S.S. Elbe from Bremen to New York, with a stop in Southampton, England
Their three boys:

[] - KARL / CARL KREISCHER, U.S. Army veteran (Co. E, 9th Infantry Reg't., China and the Philippines, Aug. 1900-Aug. 1903), railroad man, farmer, born CARL GILCHER 15 Sept. 1882 (christening at Ulmet 10 Oct. 1882), died 22 Dec. 1925 in North Syracuse; mar. 18 Jan. 1904 in Watertown (Jefferson Co.), NY, ELLEANOR MARY ("Nellie") ROBERTS b. 21 or 24 Sept. 1882 in Watertown, NY, d. 12 Mar. 1952 in Minoa (Onondaga Co.), NY. Carl immigrated as an infant with his parents
Their three children:

[] - ALFRED JOHN ("Al") KREISCHER, realtor, building contractor, hogfarmer, born 3 Apr. 1905 in Watertown, NY, died 5 June 1984 in Syracuse; mar. (1) LEONA E. LEMP b. 1905 d. June 1965; (2) EVEYLYN WRIGHT b. Aug. 1908 d. 10 Mar. 1999 St. Augustine, Florida; no children

[] - CLARA ETTA KREISCHER born 9 July 1906 in Watertown, NY, died 4 Apr. 1980 in Lancaster (Los Angeles Co.), California; mar. on 18 Aug. 1926 in Liverpool (Onondaga Co.), NY, ANTHONY ("Tony") LIPKE b. 5 Mar. 1907 in Syracuse, d. 7 Sept. 1993 in Valencia (Los Angeles Co.), Calif.
Their children:

[] - daughter, still living born in Syracuse, NY;
mother of four and grandmother of eleven, none of whom now live in the Syracuse area

[] - son, still living born in North Syracuse, NY; father of four and grandfather of four, who still live in the Syracuse area

[] - daughter, still living born in North Syracuse, NY;
mother of three and grandmother of four, none of whom now live in the Syracuse area
[] - CHARLES ROBERT ("Bob") KREISCHER born 9 Aug. 1911 in Buffalo (Erie County), NY, died 16 Mar. 1990 in (Syracuse, NY?); mar. on 22 Apr. 1934 KATHRYN ARLENE SALBERT (SORBATAWICZ) b. 2 June 1915 in Syracuse, d. 5 Apr. 1997 in (Syracuse, NY?)
Their children:

[] - son, still living born in Syracuse, NY; father of six and grandfather of seven, many of whom now live in the Syracuse area

[] - ROBERT ALLAN ("Bobby") KREISCHER born 27 June 1939 in Syracuse, NY; died 17 Jan. 1987 in Minoa (Onondaga County), NY

[] - BARBARA ELAINE KREISCHER born 27 June 1940 in Syracuse, NY; died 11 Oct. 1985; married; one daughter still living

[] - daughter, still living born in Syracuse, NY; mother of one and grandmother of two, who now live in the Syracuse area
[] - OTTO ADOLPH KREISCHER, locomotive engineer for the New York Central Railroad, born 30 May 1884 in Syracuse, NY, died 3 Apr. 1936 in Syracuse, NY; mar. on 30 May 1918 in Auburn (Cayuga County), NY, GLADYS A. GREEN; no children

[] - ALFRED JOHN KREISCHER, railroad worker(?), born 10 Jan. 1886 in Syracuse, NY, died 24 June 1929 in Detroit (Wayne County), Michigan; mar. ??

[] - JACOB GILCHER, barber (home and shop at 1004 Butternut Street, Syracuse), born 23 Apr. 1859 in Rathsweiler, died 2 Feb. 1926 in Syracuse; mar. 25 May 1886 (probably in Syracuse) to MARY ELIZABETH GRUB (aka Mary Louise GRUB, probably from German name Maria Elisabetha being nicknamed in Germany to "Marie-Liesa" or "Marie-Lis" later misinterpreted as Mary Louise); she was born 7 Aug. 1858 in Germany (immig. 1864 per 1920 census), lived in Pennsylvania 10 years, moved to Syracuse in 1886; d. 8 Sept. 1931 in Syracuse. Jacob emigrated to the U.S. (to NYC from Bremen on the "Eider," 24 May 1884?), was naturalized a U.S. citizen (16 October 1889 in Syracuse?) per 1900, 1910 censuses.
Their three children:

[] - ARTHUR L. GILCHER, (adopted by Jacob?), Syracuse barber, born 12 Aug. 1882 in Pennsylvania, died 20 June 1952 in Syracuse; mar. LOUISE HERN, a tailor, b. 20 Feb. 1883 in Syracuse, d. 25 June 1967 in Syracuse
Their children:

[] - ARTHUR J. GILCHER born 1905 in Syracuse, died 18 Dec. 1905 in Syracuse

[] - EDWARD HERN GILCHER born 30 Aug. 1910 in Syracuse, died 7 Aug. 1972 in Syracuse; mar. MARY ELIZABETH ("Betty") MARSH born 15 Nov. 1912 in Syracuse, died 11 Jan. 1974 in Syracuse
Their children:

[] - stillborn baby, born/died 7 September 1942

[] - daughter still living, mother of two, grandmother of one, still residing in the Syracuse area

[] - son still living

[] - LYNDA A. GILCHER, stenographer, born Mar. 1888 (1900 census) in Syracuse, died (unmarried) 27 Feb. 1983 in (Clinton?), New York

[] - CHARLES F. GILCHER, optician/optometrist, b. Feb. 1890 in Syracuse, died 29 October 1961 in Syracuse; mar. LAURIE LEWIS b. circa 1896, d. 7 Nov. 1977 in Syracuse (no children?)

[] - CARL / CHARLES GILCHER, shoemaker, foreman, machinist, auto repair, born 24 May 1862 in Rathsweiler, died 14 Mar. 1949 in Syracuse; immigrated to the U.S. in 1880 or 1881, naturalized U.S. citizen in 1887 (1900, 1920 censuses). First marriage c. 1883 to PHILIPINA / PHOEBE J. LUDWIG b. 1860 or 1862 in Syracuse, d. 9 Dec. 1893 in Syracuse
Their children:

[] - EDNA C. GILCHER, dressmaker, born Aug. 1884 (1900 census) in Syracuse

[] - MABEL L. GILCHER born 19 Sept. 1887 in Syracuse, died 17 April 1894 in Syracuse

[] - FLORENCE C. GILCHER born 18 May 1889 in Syracuse, died 18 August 1889 in Syracuse

[] - HELEN E. GILCHER, cashier, born Dec. 1890 (1900 census) in Syracuse; mar. circa 1927 FREDERICK W. SCHAROUN
Carl / Charles' second marriage was circa 1893(?) to BARBARA YOH born 29 September 1870 in Germany, died 3 January 1940 in Syracuse
Their children:

[] - CARL FRIEDRICH GILCHER, longtime employee of Niagara-Mohawk Power Corp., Syracuse, born 5 Jan. 1896 in New York, died 29 Apr. 1972 in Syracuse; mar. ELENORA H. SCHARMACH b. 1896 died 28 Dec. 1966
Their children:

[] - GEORGE W. GILCHER, born 1924 in Syracuse, New York; died 28 February 2000; living spouse, children, and grandchildren.

[] - daughter, still living?
[] - GEORGE JACOB GILCHER born 29 Sept. 1901 in Syracuse, died 1 Mar. 1988 in Syracuse; mar. (1) OLIVETTE E. ?? b. 23 Jan. 1895 in Syracuse, d. 16 Aug. 1970 in Syracuse and (2) ALICE ?? b. 1911

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