German Immigrant Ancestors
in Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York

Military career of Carl Kreischer

The following is the text of an unidentified Syracuse (Onondaga County, NY) newspaper article found in the Kreischer family German-language Bible citing "Karl" (Carl) Kreischer’s enlistment in the Army—from family records we know he left Syracuse with the Army on 6 August 1900 headed first for China and then for the Philippines to fight on Samar Island against the "Philippine Insurrection:"

Those who have made application at the local recruiting station for the army since yesterday are: Fred Sharrow, laborer, of 831 Grape-st., this city, and James I. Pettet, a farmer of Manlius. Those rejected were Moses Thompson, farmer, of Niagara Falls; James H. Beals, hostler, William J. Miller, laborer, of 115 Van Buren-st. and George Breish of this city.

The following have been enlisted during the last week, for service in the Ninth infantry and sent to San Francisco: George Eisman, farmer, Kenwood; Valentine H. Spies, farmer, Woodward; August Hosp, tinsmith, Syracuse; Karl Kreischer, farmer, Syracuse; Henry Claas, laborer, Syracuse. George Mooney, baker, of Auburn, was enlisted for infantry service and sent to Ft. Slocum. Rowland C. Ryan, glassmaker, of this city, and John Geanes, farmer, of Pulaski, enlisted for cavalry service in the Philippines and were sent to Ft. Slocum.

Sergeant Colter, who has charge of the local recruiting station for marines returned from New York yesterday afternoon. He has received seven applications since last Saturday. Only two of the seven applicants passed the physical examination.

Company E, 9th Infantry U.S.A.
Company E, Ninth Infantry, United States Army.
Evidence suggests this photo was taken on 12 July 1902 at Madison Barracks
near Sackets Harbor, Jefferson County, New York, just a few days after
these men returned from their years of military service in China and the Philippines.
The 'Filippino boy mascot' of the company can be seen in the back row, far right.
Quartermaster Sergeant Carl Kreischer is in the front row, far left.
After returning to the U.S. via San Francisco, this company of veterans
marched on parade with their regiment
in the towns of Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, New York
in the week before this photo was taken.
On 12 July, after the entire Ninth Regiment had returned to
Madison Barracks, an official reception was held for them in nearby
Watertown, New York, with speeches, parading, and dinners.

Carl Kreischer (left) and friends
This photo of Carl Kreischer (left) and his
two buddies (identities unknown) was shot at
the Bigelow photography studio in Plattsburg, New York.
Company E was transferred to the Plattsburg Barracks
in April 1903. Carl was discharged from the Army
there in August 1903.

Military souvenir c. 1902
A needlepoint souvenir (c. 1902) of Carl Kreischer's military
service with the U.S. Army in China and the Philippines, 1900-1902.
Approximately 18 inches square, it is still a valued family heirloom.
The eagle holds a banner that reads "E Pluribus Unum."

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