German Immigrant Ancestors
in Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York

Surnames of Families
who left Viernheim, Hesse
on 8 June 1852
to come to America

At least one of these families (Philipp Sax II) ended up settling in Syracuse. Any others? Here is the list of emigrants from Viernheim:*

Adler, George V
Adler, George VI
Becker, Jakob
Beikert, Friedrich
Beikert, Joseph
Beikert, Michael
Benz, Franz
Beyer, Heinrich
Beyer, Johann
Bugert, Nikolaus
Burkert, Johann
Ebert, Nikolaus
Ehrhardt, George
Effler, Lorenz
Eppel, George
Ernst, Johann
Ernst, Sebastian
Falterman, Peter
Faltermann, Jakob
Finsterer, Franz
Finsterer, Peter
Fleischman, Peter
Frank, Franz
Franz, Johann
Grab, Nikolaus
Gruenwald, Johann
Hass, George
Hass, Jakob
Hass, Jakob (two different men, same name?)
Hahl, George
Hanf, Adam
Hanf, Jakob
Hanf, Johann
Hauck, Michael
Hauck, Philipp
Helbich, Valtin
Helbig, George
Helbig, Mathes
Helbig, Michael
Helbig, Veronika (widow)
Hoenig, Sylvester
Hofmann, Kaspar
Hofmann, Valtin
Hook, Michael
Kempf, George
Kempf, George (two with same name)
Kempf, Peter
Kempf, Philipp
Kilian, George
Kilian, Valtin
Kirchner, Mathias
Klee, George
Krug, Johann
Lahres, Franz
Lamberth, Friedrich
Lammert, Johann
Lammert, Konrad
Mayer, Johann
Moehrmann, Jakob
Nagel, Johann
Nagel, Kaspar
Ohneck, Friedrich
Pfeifer, Nickolaus
Pfenning, Magdalena (age 15, the only single girl)
Pfenning, Nikolaus
Radner, George
Radner, Jakob
Radner, Jakob (two men, same name)
Ringhof, George
Ringhof, Lorenz
Rohrbacher, Philipp
Roos, Joseph
Sax, Katherin (widow)
Sax, Nikolaus
Sax, Philipp II
Schmitt, George I
Schmitt, George III
Schmitt, Peter III
Schulz, Johan
Schulz, Nikolaus
Traeger, Franz
Trapp, Johann
Vorgeitz, George
Vorgeitz, Michael
Weidner, George
Weidner, Johann II
Weidner, Joseph I
Weidner, Joseph III
Weidner, Michael V
Weinlein, Wiegand [sic? typo for two surnames?]
Winkler, Valtin
Wunder, Johann
Wunder, Joseph
Wunder, Magdalena (widow)

And here are some names that do turn up among the German community of Onondaga County that (given the loose spelling of ethnic names in those days) may or may not be connected. Please email me and let me know if you find a connection!

Jakob Becker, Private, Co. B, 185th Regt. Civil War
"Mr. Beyer," friend of Peter Schäfer, the first German murdered in Syracuse
Johann Franz, vice-president of the Schweizer Grütli-Verein
Group / Grub (= Grab?)
Grünwald / Gruenwald
George Hall (Hahl?), member, Lilly Post of the G.A.R.
Hauck / Hook / Hatch
Hofman / Hoffman / Hoffmann
Killian (= Kilian?)
J. Krug, a founder of the Syracuse Turn Verein
Oneth (= Oneck?)
Philipp Sax II CONFIRMED (settled in Syracuse)
Schmitt / Schmidt
Traub (= Trapp?)
Traugott (= Traeger?)

*This list of emigrant names was published in the Syracuse Herald-American (Sunday supplement magazine? date unknown; 1975?) as a sidebar to an article entitled, "German Exodus Led to Syracuse Century Ago" by Jean Rausch Bishop. Copies of this article, which describes the Viernheim exodus and the settlement in Syracuse of the Philipp Sax II family, can be obtained from the Onondaga Historical Association (vertical file on Germans) and from the Onondaga County Public Library (LN48 Sy8 Bsax; DX83950), both in Syracuse.

See also the German-language book, Reibt Euch los vom Tyrannen-lande (Tear Yourselves Loose from the Land of Tyranny), by Hans Knapp,with translation by Emil Wunder; 1975, as described in the article, "German Kin Publish Book," which appeared in the Syracuse Herald-American, 18 May 1975, page 76.

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