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German Immigrant Ancestors
in Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York

Surnames - N

Sender: Carol
Email: dana1895@verizon.net
Date: 9 June 2005
Surname: NEIDER

I finally have a website for the Neider family history. On the family tree page of the site, it has a list of basketmakers that lived with my grandfather in 1900; many were German. I would appreciate it if you would put a link to my site on your website. Thank You. Carol


Sender: John Neider
Email: Johnneider@aol.com
or: john.neider@siemens.com
Date: 8 January 2003
Surname: NEIDER

The Neider Family Ancestry website:

My name is John Neider. I am one of the Neider's from the web link about our family history. We are trying to track down information about our family who settled in Syracuse in the 1850's. If you have anything that would help us find out further information about them, I would heartily appreciate your advice. Online sources of data, etc. Our family started the Syracuse Basket Company in the mid 19th century. Apparently they had this skill from Switzerland where they supposedly immigrated from. (This has not been proved, only family tradition handed down over the generations).

So, thanks again for a very good web site. I was a history majory in graduate school and it is great to see people taking the time to maintain web sites like yours.

Sender: Carol Neider
Email: Dana1895@cs.com
Date: 2 March 2002
Surname: NEIDER

My ancestors (ALEXANDER NEIDER) from Switzerland spoke German and employed many Germans in their company, Syracuse Basket Company. The Neider family are listed under the Syracuse Basket Company manufacturers in the 1912 city directory of Syracuse. I know that all of their workers were German and all of my family spoke German. They said they were so busy that even during the Great Depression they were able to employ many workers.