German Immigrant Ancestors
in Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York

Timeline of Lipke/Liepka events
in West Prussia prior to emigration

c. 1843 – Johann Liepke born to Michael Liepke and his wife Elisabeth (Drabant). They would have other children: August (born c. 1838), Michael (b.c. 1841-1846), and Elisabeth (b. 1846 d. before 1869). The family would live in Güttland, West Prussia

14 March 1866 – August Lippke born in/near Lünau near Dirschau, Stüblau, W. Prussia to Johann Lipke (b. c. 1843 above) and Augustyna Richert. Baptized 18 March 1866, sponsors Johann Crezniewski and Elisabeth Bushnowski[??]. Birth later legitimized by the parents' marriage:

10 June 1867 – Güttland: "Farm helper JOHANN LIEPKE, Catholic, age 24, son of the Catholic inhabitant Michael Liepke, and AUGUSTE RICHARD, Evangelisch, age 33, daughter of the deceased worker Jacob Richard of Lunau and his wife Catherina, née Woelke; whose marriage banns were published first on Sunday Rogate Exaudi (the sixth Sunday after Easter) and secondly on Pentecost, and thirdly on the 10th of June, no objection having been made, were married on the 10th of June in this local church."

5 November 1867 – son Johann Lipke born to Johann and Auguste (Richard) Lipke in Güttland, near Dirschau (baptized 24 November 1867, sponsors Johann Krause, Wilhelmine Lange)

18 March 1869 – Güttland: Michael Liepke dies at 10 o'clock, age 78 years, of senility ("senile decay"). Survived by his widow and 2 grown children (August and Johann). Buried "with church bells ringing" 21 March 1869 (at the Catholic churchyard?) in Güttland

24 November 1869 – Güttland: Franz Michael Liepke born to Johann and Auguste (Richard) Liepke (baptized 28 November 1869)

21 December 1869 – Güttland: Anna Auguste daughter of Joseph Ruszynski and Anna Brzezynska (baptized 31 December 1869, sponsors Dominick Klozyniki, Florentine Witkowska)

4 May 1872 – Güttland: Michael Adam son of Joh. and Auguste (Richert) Leibke [Lipke] born (baptized 9 May 1869, sponsors Dominik Kloszinski, Maria Lull)

18 February 1873 – Güttland: Elisabeth (Drabandt/Drabant) Liepke, widow of Michael, dies, age 68 years, at 10:00 p.m.; buried 22 February 1873; survived by two grown sons (August and Johann)

10 January 1874 – Güttland: son Andreas Gottfried Liepke born to Johann and Auguste (Richerd) Liepke (baptized 18 January, sponsors Gottfried Liepke, Julie Neumann)

9 February 1875 – Elisabeth KRAFT/KREFT/KREFFT born in St. Albrecht (small town south of Danzig; per Onondaga Co., NY naturalization petition)

17 January 1881 – Czattkau: Andreas Gottfried Liepke son of Johann and Auguste (Richard) Liepke dies; buried 21 January 1881 in Güttland

7 November 1889 to 24 September 1891 – Johann Lipke, son of Johann and Auguste (Richard) Liepke, served with the 10th Company of King Friedrich I’s infantry regiment No. 5. [where? Berlin? Tczew? Danzig?]

9 June 1889 – Güttland, No. 18: Augustus Lippke, 23, married Auguste Raschinska, 20; Catholic records of Dirschau

17 September 1889 – Güttland, Marie Auguste Lipke born to August and Anna Auguste (Ruschinski) Lipke

25 September 1889 – Güttland, Marie Auguste Lipke dies, age 8 days; buried 29 September in Güttland.

1891-1897 – time period when Johann Carl Lipke (and additional babies) could have been born to Johann and Elisabeth (Kreft) Lipke

(10?) February 1891 – (Güttland?), Johann A. Liepka born to August and Anna Auguste (Ruschinski) Liepka

20 May 1893 – District Dirschau, County Danzig, “Certificate of Marriage between the worker Johann Lipke living at Czattkau, district Dirschau, and Elisabeth Kreft living at Czattkau, marriage has been made in the presence of the signed registrar; Güttland” (civil record).

21 May 1893 – From the Registry of Marriages from the (Catholic) Parish of Dirschau, Kreisstadt, Altstadt, Westpreussen: 1893, marriage no. 23, May 21st, between Joannes Lipke, age 26, and Elisabeth Krefft, age 20, from the jurisdiction of Czattkau; Joannes Tormaniko and Franciscus Lipke, witnesses. (church record) [Were there two different marriage ceremonies? or just two records?]

17 June 1893 – Frank Thomas Liepka born in Wittland (near Kiel), West Prussia [why Kiel?] to August and Anna Auguste (Ruschinski) Leipka

7 December 1893 – August Lipka family immigrates to Syracuse on the S.S. Stuttgart (out of Bremen) from “Danzig” per son Frank’s later naturalization papers. Families on the same ship from the same area, also headed to Syracuse were August and Marie Wilhelmina (KREFT) RESCHKE, Johann and Marie JOCHIM, August and Wilhelmine LEINWAND, Carl and Katharina PARCZENG and Wilhelm and Maria (BENDZMIROWSKI) LULL.

21 April 1894 – Franz/Frank Michael LIPKE born to Johann and Elisabeth Lipke in Czattkau

4 July 1896 – Helen (Magdalena?) Elisabeth LIPKE born to Johann and Elisabeth in Czattkau

8 February 1897 – death of Johann Carl LIPKE, born ?, cause of death and age unknown. “Registry office, Stüblau: The Feb. 8, 1897 death of Johann Carl Lipke, son of the worker Johann Lipke and the frau Elisabeth, born Kreft living at Czattkau has been entered today under no. 3 into the death register. Güttland, the 8th of February 1897.”

23 September 1897 – Anna LIPKE born in Czattkau to Johann and Elisabeth Lipke

24 October 1898 – Johann (“Jack”) LIPKE born in Czattkau to Johann and Elisabeth Lipke

1904 – Lipkes claimed on their ship’s passenger manifest that their last residence was in Brodsack (now Chlebowka?)

19 Nov 1904 – S.S. Chemnitz leaves Bremen for New York with the Johann Lipke family aboard

2 December 1904 – Johann Lipke family arrives at Ellis Island on their way to Syracuse from “Danzig.” Also on the boat headed for Syracuse: WINICKI, ?-albert, 25, and Paul, 24, from Zerna, headed to sister Zofia Wiznicko, Marcellus no. 418, Syracuse, NY.

20 June 1916 – Auguste (Richard) Lipke dies in Czattkau, age 82 years 11 months 29 days

of related places in West Prussia

Brodsack (East 19°03’ North 54°08’ across the Vistula River in Kreis Marienburg? now Chlebówka, Elbaskie Province, about 2.8 km from Neuteich now called Nowy Staw)


Czattkau (East 18°47’ or 18°49’ North 54°08’; also known then as Schattkau; was in Kreis Dirschau; was in the Catholic parish of Subkau 1905; now called Czatkowy in Gdanski province)


Danzig (Baltic port city on the mouth of the Vistula River; this area was part of Prussia from 1772 to 1919; now Gdansk, Poland)


Dirschau (20 miles south of Danzig, now Dirschau is called Tczew)


Güttland (East 18°48’ North 54°09 or 54°10’, Kreis Dirschau, 2.1 km from Stüblau (seat of civil registry); also known then as Coeslin, Gotland; was in the Catholic parish of Mühlbanz (1905); now Kozliny )


Kriefkohl -- Latitude 54.18 (54° 10' 60 N) longitude 18.78 (18° 46' 60 E), today it is called Krzywe Kolo, Poland. It had a population of 422 in 1905, and is not far from Kozliny (Güttland)

Lipki Wielkie -- starting place for our surname and our people? (Map.)

Lunau (Lünau?) - Groß Lunau, West Prussia, Germany, now Tczew-Suchostrzygi, Poland

Mühlbanz (East 18°43’ North 54°08’, Kreis Dirschau; was seat of the Catholic parish for Güttland (1905); now called Milobadz; 4.7 km from Czatkowy and 7.4 km from Tczew 


Neuteich (seat of the Catholic parish for Brodsack (1908); today called Nowy Staw in Elblaskie province)


Pomorskie Wojewodztwo (Pomeranian Province)


Rathstube (East 18°44’ North 53°59’, Kreis Dirschau 1905, Civil registry seat for Czattkau; now called Radostowo


St. Albrecht (East 18°39 or 38’ North 54°18 or 17’, Kreis Danzig, Westpreussen, is now called Swiety Wojciech in the Gdanskie province about 2.7 km from Praust, today known as Pruszcz Gdanski)


Stüblau (was the seat of civil registry for Güttland; today Steblewo)


Subkau (East 18°46’ North 54°00’, Kreis Dirschau, 1905; alternate names Schobkow, Sobcouo, Sobkow, Zopcow; Catholic parish seat for Czattkau; now called Subkowy


Suchy Dab (today’s township where Kozliny and Czatkowy lie)


Wittland (East 10°05’ North 54°20’, near the Baltic seaport of Kiel)

An 1878 map of this entire area
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Map of this area with today's route numbers

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