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German Immigrant Ancestors
in Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York

Surnames - J

Sender: Bill Fraser
Email: wjfraser33@hotmail.com
Date: 6 May 2002

My maternal grandmother came from Germany, landing at Ellis Island on November 19, 1892 with her parents August and Maria (Mary) JAHN, and brothers Paul and Fritz (Fred) and sister Clara. Her name was Anna and she married Charles Alan CROWELL from Cicero, NY. The Jahns were from Danzig, Germany and listed their destination as Syracuse, NY upon entry to the U.S. They must have had friends or family in Onondaga County to compel them to venture so far from home. I believe their surname became JOHN soon after coming here. Anybody have any connections? Please e-mail me, I will be happy to supply any info I have. Thanks.

Sender: Juergen Juengel
Email: juergen.juengel@t-online.de
Date: 17 April 2002
Surname: JUENGEL

Looking for some help to find and research the surname Juengel in Onondaga Co., NY.

Sender: Sandy Sharp
Email: volleybird@juno.com or ssharp@frontiernet.net
Date: 8 March 2002
Surname: JUNG, YOUNG

I am descended from Christian Jung (Young) - son of Michael Jung and Caroline Jung (same last name) who came over from Bavaria to settle in Syracuse in the mid-1800's. Their descendants were very active, in fact according to legend at some point caretakers of Turn Verein in Syracuse. I have pictures of the younger generation Youngs doing gymnastics at events as well as my grandmother's class picture at Turn Verein.