German Immigrant Ancestors
in Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York

German Gilchers, Gilgers, etc.
emigrating to the U.S.A.
(selected years)

Notes taken by M. Stone (Sept. 2003) from Germans to America: Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports, by Ira A. Glazier and P. William Filby, editors, Scholarly Resources, Inc., Wilmington, Delaware, 1988-1996.

YEARS 1853-1866 (Volumes 6-18)

GILGER, LOUISE, age 25, farmer from Bavaria, destination New York on the "Juventa" sailing Havre > New York arrived 19 June 1854. [Listed next to her were: DAHL, MICHAEL, age 45, also a farmer from Bavaria; a GOECHEL family (ADAM, 37, JULIANNE, 37, FRIEDRICH, 23, LOUISE, 8, also farmers from Bavaria); a CLAAS, PHILIPPINE, 21, farmer from Bavaria; and a GRILL family. Other names nearby on the list were: DRUM, JUNG, ALLMAN, GRAB, HASEL.] Vol. 7, page 302.

GILCHER, ELISE, 23, farmer from Bavaria, destination USA; and five lines farther down on the same boat's list: GILCHER, ELISE, 24, farmer, Bavaria > USA, listed next to JUNG, LANG, etc. on the "Havre" sailing from Havre to New York, arrived 23 April 1857. [Duplicate entries?] Vol. 10, page 450.

GILCHER, SARA, 21 farmer from Bavaria destination USA, on the "William Nelson," Havre > New York arrived 26 May 1857. [Seemed to be traveling alone.] Vol. 11, page 75.

GILGER, CHATARINA [sic], female, 26, shoemaker, going from Germany to New Orleans on the "Ernst Moritz Arndt" from Bremen arriving in New Orleans 30 November 1857. She was listed nearby to MILLER, CHATARINA [sic], 24; KOCH, MARGARETHE, 20, and STEGER, MARIA, 18, all shoemakers, all from Bavaria with destination of New Orleans. Vol. 11, page 458.

GILGA -, JOHANN, 29, wagonmaker, Germany > USA, and LOUISE, 25, his wife, on the "Ocean Home" from Hamburg > New York arrived 2 December 1857. Vol. 12, page 48.

GILCHER, VALENTIN, 24, farmer from Bavaria destination USA on the "New Orleans" from Havre > New York arrived 9 September 1859. Vol. 13, page 18.

GILGER, PETER, 22, baker from Germany > USA on the "Germania" from Hamburg and Southhampton > New York arrived 12 June 1865. [Listed near him were surnames SCHEER, MESSER, BOSCHERT, SCHEUER.] Vol. 16, page 155.

GILEHER [sic], WILHELM, 16, farmer from Germany > USA on the "Bellona" from Havre > New York arrived 4 August 1865. [Listed next to: MAYER, HEST, FRANK, and SCHEIDT (surnames).] Vol. 16, page 252.

GILCHER, DANIEL, 23, occupation unknown, from Baden, destination unknown, on the "Energie" from Havre > New York arrived 25 January 1866. Vol. 17, page 157.

GILCHER, JACOB, 41, farmer from Germany > USA, with ELISE, 23, his wife; and JACOB, infant age ".06 M". [Listed next to THEOBALD, MARGARET, 13, child.] All on the "Bavaria" from Hamburg > New York arrived 22 May 1866. Vol. 17, page 333.

On the SAME BOAT are listed the following:

GILCHER, JACOB, 43, laborer from Germany destination USA, ELISE, 24, wife; JACOB, .06 infant; and MARGR., 14, female, single. [If this is merely a duplication of the same bunch of people, I checked some other nearby names and THOSE were NOT duplicated in a similar way aboard this ship.] Vol. 17, page 335.

YEARS October 1876 to June 1883 (Volumes 33-46)

GILCHER, PETER, 58, musician from Germany > USA, with CHARLOTTE, 58, his wife, on the "Donau" from Bremen to New York arrived 31 August 1877. Vol. 33, page 183.

GILLITZER, JOS., 23, butcher from Switzerland > USA on the "Main," sailing from Bremen to New York, arrived 12 July 1879. Vol. 34, page 236.

GILG, CARL, 17, no occupation, from Germany destination USA on the "Rotterdam" (a very small or very empty ship, i.e. a short list of passengers) from Rotterdam to New York arrived 9 August 1879. [Listed next to KOHLER, GUHL, SCHMAUDER, and BAUER (surnames).] Vol. 34, page 262.

GILGEN, JOSEPH, 35, joiner, from Germany > USA, with CATHARINE, 30, unknown occupation, on the "Maas," from Rotterdam to New York arrived 22 October 1879. Vol. 34, page 351.


GILGER, JOSEF, 2, male child, and ANNA, .06, female infant, both from Germany > USA, listed next to: EICHLER, EMIL, 18, "private man" (servant?), and STRUBE, HENDRIK, 19, merchant, and farmers HEINRICH and EMILIE MERKENS and their children. Vol. 34, page 351.

GILKER, JOHS. [JOHANNES?], 24, farmer, Bavaria > USA, listed near MERKEN, JOHS., also from Bavaria [forgot to write down the ship and date; volume covers Jan.-June 1880]. Vol. 35, page 387.

GILGER, WILHELM, 25, smith, Prussia > USA, listed next to surnames CORDES and DORING on the "Donau" from Bremen to New York arrived 30 May 1881. Vol. 38, page 382

GILCHERT, PETER, 21, farmer, Germany > USA, listed next to LUDWIG, BARTHOL., 29, JEANNETTE, 47, and ARNO, 1, farmers on the "Elizabeth" from Bremen to Baltimore arrived 5 July 1881. Vol. 39, page 258.

GILGEN, JOHANN, 24, laborer, Germany > USA on the "Belgenland" Antwerp > New York arrived 4 November 1881. Vol. 41, page 24.


GILGEN, CATHERINE, 34, no occupation, Germany > USA; CHARLES, 10, child, and BERTHE, 5, child. [They are listed next to VOLLBRACHT, CATHERINE, 18, and LOUIS, 14; and HAASSE, ROBERT, 18, a tailor.] Vol. 41, page 25.

GILGER, first name unknown, 24, male from Switzerland > New York; on the "France," Havre > New York arrived 22 March 1882. Vol. 41, page 400.

GILGEN child, age 5, going from Switzerland to Missouri. Vol. 43.

GILCH, MICHAEL, 31, farmer, Germany > USA, with MARG., 33, wife, and children MARIE, 7, MAX, 6, ANNA, 4, GEORG, 2, and ADAM, .06 infant, on the "Donau" from Bremen to New York arrived 12 May 1883. Vol. 46, page 136.

GILCHER, JACOB, 50, baker, Bavaria > New York, on the "Werra" from Bremen > New York arrived 26 May 1883. Vol. 46, page 251.

GILCHER, PETER, 38, farmer, Germany > NY, on the "Switzerland" from Antwerp > New York arrived 11 June 1883. Vol. 46, page 342.

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