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German Immigrant Ancestors
in Syracuse and Onondaga County, New York

Surnames - C

Sender: Valerie
Email: vcapels@madriver.com
Date: 6 November 2007
Surnames: CAPELS, CAPLES, CAPLE, KAPLES, etc. of Onondaga, Oswego, and Herkimer Counties, New York

I found your Web site thru an archived article on the Onondaga Historical Association's Web site and want to share with you information I am in the process of compiling about my German/Irish ancestors. You may (or may not) find something of interest.


I grew up in Syracuse and have lived in Vermont for the past 20 years. My mother's parents (Smidt, Gumpert) were from Germany, but did not end up in Syracuse via the trends you outlined. What might be more interesting is my father's Irish ancestry, which I am 95% confident were actually German Palatines that came to America in the late 1700s via Ireland. Many settled in Herkimer County and then migrated to Oswego and Onondaga Counties. Many of my father's ancestors were salt workers, barrel makers, and later steel mill workers. I am still an early student of the German Palatine aspect of their history (as well as other areas) and when I get around to updating parts of my Web site, I would like to include a link to your site as a resource.

Like you, I've been doing most of my research from afar and do not speak German.

Congratulations on your hard work and good Web site.

Sender: Cleo Hogan
Email: cdmhogan@usit.net
Date: 29 September 2003

Charles BANKEY/BEHNKE (1819 Mecklenburg, Prussia--1896 NY City), but lived in Syracuse earlier. [Some BANKEYS bur at White Chapel Mem Gardens.] Charles Bankey's wife was:

Caroline G. M. STUDIER (1827 Mecklenburg, Prussia--1892 Cicero, NY), had brother William STUDIER (b. ca 1830); her parents were: Karl Frederick STUDIER & Caroline ___________.

Oscar Eugene CARTHEUSER, hatter, wife Amelia _____, lived 1873 Richmond, VA, later moved to NY City; children Clara Belle (1873VA-1946 Dewitt, NY); Amelia; George, Oscar; Eugene, all may have been single except Clara.

Sender: Tom Ford
Email: tom4rd@mchsi.com
Date: 9 June 2002

See WINTER on the "W" page

Sender: Bill Fraser
Email: wjfraser33@hotmail.com
Date: 6 May 2002

My maternal grandmother came from Germany, landing at Ellis Island on November 19, 1892 with her parents August and Maria (Mary) JAHN, and brothers Paul and Fritz (Fred) and sister Clara. Her name was Anna and she married Charles Alan CROWELL from Cicero, NY. The Jahns were from Danzig, Germany and listed their destination as Syracuse, NY upon entry to the U.S. They must have had friends or family in Onondaga County to compel them to venture so far from home. I believe their surname became JOHN soon after coming here. Anybody have any connections? Please e-mail me, I will be happy to supply any info I have. Thanks.